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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 16, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> developing now are news where an eight-year-old girl was shot >> she was outside with her brother when she was shot in the neck. a man was shot in the neck a block away. it happened not far from the coliseum. more from amber leigh who has been talking with investigators. >> reporter: we want to tell you what is going on right now. a half hour ago, we heard 15 gunshots down the block and around the corner.
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at this point, police have not said if the shoot something tied to the drive-by shooting over here. police are behind the crime tape, collecting evidence of the drive by that has rickshaen up neighbors who say that eight shots were fired here. two men got out of a block, mid- block and both started to fire their guns. officers tell us they don't know who the men were aiming at. one shot struck an eight weird girl in the neck. she was playing with her brother in the front yard, not the intended target, police say. >> >> both were transported to the hospital in critical condition. preliminary investigation, we ascertained there was at least one vehicle driving southbound 1800 block of 66th avenue. at least two individuals exited
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the vehicle, striking multiple victims. >> it's very troubling to hear that another young child has been hurt due to gunfire. it's really upsetting. >> police tell me the eight- year-old girl was taken to children's hospital in oakland where she underwent surgery. it's too early to tell. officers believe the man was transported to highland hospital. his injury does not appear to be life-threatening. police say that l at this point, they do not have a description of the two men or the get away car. >> >> investigators say an arsonist is on the loose in the north bay tonight. police worry there could be more fires last night, more than a dozen small fires were set near redwood boulevard. we have been tracking this story since our morning news and now we go to debra villaone where people are on eng.
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>> reporter: take a look, one of the charred spot behind us. tonight, half of the police officers in the city have shifted to the southern end to discourage the arsonist and with if he luck, catch him. tracey is sending her two children to stay at an aunt's houston. she wants them out of danger. if the serial arsonist returns to the house behind her town house. >> she was screaming "fire, fire." pick up your babies. >> reporter: the second of 10 fires overnight. all fairly close together, in or near open space, but fortunately, kept small as fire crews van -- we don't want a repeat of what happened last night. >> reporter: thousands of the homes are nestled against nature. >> over 10,000 parcels like
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that. i'm concerned during this fire season that even a small fire can start. >> reporter: one fire scorched and open garage, sending the homeowner to the hospital for smoke inhalation. >> this time, it's this area. it started the last tight in this area. >> reporter: most residents suspect a fire bug from two years ago is back. he set sum 60 small fires over two days. no one was arrested. investigators probe the burn sight all day collecting evidence and at least once, detecting possible signs of an accelerant. to reassure residents, expray police patrolling are saturating the neighborhood. >> half of the officers we have will be in the area to keep an eye on what is going on. >> i'm usually up until 12:30 any way. >> reporter: it's promising to be a nervous night. >> i won't be getting up and
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coming over and checking. >> it was a barking dog that woke everyone up at that location and then the 9-1-1 calls and the quick response. what everyone worries about is what if another fire starts and gets going and no one wakes up. debra villaone, ktvu news >> authorities say four fires were set in walnut creek. the latest last night. three other fires have burned in the same area since last saturday. officials tell us this is also the same area where another fire burned two years ago, saying that fire was intentionally set, but no arrests were made. >> new developments in the wildfires that are burning in san diego county. while fire crews work to gain control, at least one person has been arrested. a 57-year-old man has been charged with arson in connection with one of the
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smaller fires that is burning in oceanside. there are also fires burning in -- on the camp pendleton marine base. firefighters were able to make some progress when the tomas romans dropped and the winds died down. evacuation orders set for 10,000 people, across san diego county, 31 square miles have burned. one homeowner in carls bad found her home still standing but the ground around it was burned. >> i love them with all of my heart, thank you, thank you. >> cal fire said the cooler weather will help, but they are worried santa anna winds will kick up later this month. >> video taken by workers at a
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brewery, when the winds started to blow the smoke in that direction, the brewery was evacuated. >> >> local fire crews have been heading to san diego to help. but they are busy here. we are keeping an eye on this situation and we are asking cal fire how it is keeping the bay area safe when manpower is being shuffled around the state. that story ahead at 10:15. >> >> a man caught on surveillance video robbing and kicking a woman in the head was sentenced to prison. tonight, we are hearing for that victim for the first time. she told david stevenson that that attack has left her scared and scared. >> reporter: this woman blacked out and did not know what happened to her until she saw the footage a few weeks later. >> my heart sank. it was hard to take and realized that was what happened
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to me. >> reporter: emily agreed to talk to me if we did not share her last name or show her face. she came to court to see her attacker sentenced to six years in prison for robbing and assaulting her. >> i would have preferred it was longer. i wish he would have gotten the maximum, eight years. >> reporter: in court, he apologized and said he prayed she would forgive him one day >> i am appreciative of what he said. i hope it's true. >> reporter: emily said she suffers post traumatic stress disorder considered suicide and lost her trust in humanity >> triggers, panic attacks, loud noise, somebody walking too close to me and having the great fear of being attacked and not feeling safe. >> reporter: she praised the prosecutors for their handling of the case.
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he was identified through this surveillance video and will honest norred by the district attorney. >> >> a father gunned down last night in south bay has been identified as 25-year-old jimmy coleson junior. he was shot to death after 11:00 last night as he and his wife were driving to get gas. a relative said another car pulled up along his car and shot him. he was taken to the hospital and later pronounced dead. >> we are trying to come to terms with who would try that in the middle -- drive up in the middle of the night like a thieve and steal his life. >> homicide detectives are trying to figure out if he was targeted. right now, there is no motive or description of the suspect. >> >> 3:45 is this afternoon, at this home, detectives say they were called to the house after the child was discovered
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unresponsive in a swimming pool. paramedics performed cpr on the child, taken to a nearby hospital. unfortunately, he did not survive. there was a fence around the pool and adults were presence. this this is being investigated. >> >> general motors was fined $35 million for waiting too long to issue a safety recall. transportation secretary said silence can kill. at least 13 deaths are linked to faulty ignition switched that were first discovered 13 years ago. the $35 million was the maximum fine allowed by law. less than one day's revenue for gm. >> >> people were very excited when a new supermarket finally opened in their area. some of the people that need the food the most are essentially being forced to go somewhere else. and as noelle walker tells us, it's not the store's fault.
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>> reporter: east oakland has been a food of a desert. when the supermarket was opened, it wasn't convenient for everyone. they don't accept wic. federal government has a moratorium of new store applications. >> we are hoping we will get it. we have alot of customers that come in. >> reporter: stocked with produce, formula, everything a new mom needs except for the ability to accept wic vouchers. >> it's not fair they don't take it here. >> reporter: inability is not lost -- market celebrating 10 years this month, but has not been able to accept wic for a year and a half. >> i hope the store will figure something out, alot of families, i feel, are at an
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disadvantage. >> kids everywhere. it's mostly for the kids and pregnant women. ever the shopping list, getting harder to check off for new moms. >> it's a matter of convenience and money. in east oakland, ktvu channel "2 news." calling it an unprovoked attack on an innocent victim. a pizza parlor worker suddenly knocked out cold. we are learning about the trained fighter facing serious charges. >> >> combination of sun, clouds and breezy conditions. the best time to break outside and get some sun. >> >> a fire, cal fire strategy, helping to keep us covered as bay area crews battle the crews battle the wildfires in san diego.
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crews from around the bay area were deployed to help the fire crews in san diego. fire crews are on alert all across the state. ken pritchard has been talking with cal fire about whether our fire crews could be spread too thin. ken? >> reporter: for morgan hill, you could see the smoke from the fire burning near the sum. the fire has the potential to get big, but resources were there to knock it down fast despite firefighters a significant number of them and engines deployed from that area and around the bay area down south. helicopters, hand crews working in heavy smoke. air tanker drops, a big response along summit road in morgan hill from what was ultimately a very small fire. >> several small fires have gotten very large. we need to keep it to two
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acres. >> reporter: you can see the burned-out trees from fires that roared here in winds past. that history and today's windy weather prompted what cal fire calls a high dispatch. >> initially, engine, two helicopters and two officers. >> reporter: that large response despite a number of cal fire resources that are now in the san diego area fighting fires there. >> california really does have the strongest mutual aid system. >> >> reporter: when massive fires mitt as they are now in southern california, a massive amount of manpower shuffled around the state, but he said much of the movement is aimed at keeping all areas covered. >> you may see a strike team from the bay area go down to the valley to back up the central valley and the central valley crew go to los angeles. >> >> reporter: mutual aid from santa cruz was called in, but
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that was called off. >> that was our intent. >> there are many firefighters were from around the bay area deployed to southern cal. 25 from the santa claira area. north bay and sonoma bay, if you include the -- they deployed 100 personnel down south, in morgan hill, ken pritchard, ktvu channel "2 news." in september of 2002, a fire burned for days near morgan hill. destroying 34 homes. at that time, it was the third largest fire in santa claira county. investigators determined the fire started accidentally in a storage trailer. >> >> there was gridlock on a freeway in the east bay after a big crash. it happened a little after 1:00 this afternoon on southbound interstate 880. several vehicles were involved and officers say the trucks
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spilled a load. all southbound lanes had to be closed to allow workers to clean up everything. a member of our newers team happened to be stuck on 880 when all of this was happening an shot this video of drivers to get out of the gridlock by making an illegal turn. the drivers you see here were getting on the 11th street on ramp, but in the wrong direction. >> >> cal football player pleaded "not guilty" to felony assault charges, stemming from a confrontation at a fraternity house earlier this month. he is accused of kicking the student. but drew's attorney said cording to his client, the incident began when drew was attacked and the attorney said drew was defending himself. >> >> we now know the name of the woman killed by concourse police. 57-year-old valerie hawkins shot and killed near downtown concorde last night.
10:19 pm
investigators say hawkins called 9-1-1 saying she had a gun and wanted to kill herself. when police arrived. investigators say hawkins pointed the gun at an officer and that's when they opened fire. investigators say hawkins had a long history of mental illness. >> >> massive manhunt for orville fleming came to an end when detectives spotted him getting onto a bus. investigators say fleming admitting to killing his girlfriend. his arrest comes more than two weeks after her body was found. investigators say she had been stabbed to death. today, her sister-in-law said the entire family has been on edge since it happened. >> in shock for 15 days, now, we are totally relieved that he is out. i will say, we will be able to sleep better knowing no one else will get hurt. >> reporter: investigators say
10:20 pm
this was complicated by fleming's extensive skill in the outdoors as well as his familiarity with california's mountains. >> >> fog along the ocean of san francisco. we had fog this morning. these were the highs recorded today. 85 in fairfield. 87 in concorde. the highs today, a little cooler and they are going to be cooler again tomorrow along the coast here, i have fog right at ocean beach. right now, that will start to spill through the gate tonight. we'll see more of it tomorrow that's why temperatures outside right now are so cool. 59 in oakland. 53 in san francisco. last night, we had temperatures in the 70s, two nights ago, temperatures in the 80s in the valley. temperatures are gradually cooling and will continue to cool and they are cooling because of the stronger winds blowing onshore. we have gusts of 26-miles an hour in fairfield.
10:21 pm
it's real windy, almost 40 mile- an-hour winds at sfo overnight. continued cool air pushing inland, overnight lows with the fog, staying in the low 50s. when you get going tomorrow morning, expect some fog when you get going, so as we look at the computer model. fog along the coast and early in the morning, 6:00 am. cloudy, right? and that's for saturday morning. that's what happened about 10:00 am, still some clouds and by lunchtime, they start to clear. by lunchtime, most of us will clear. coastal fog will remain at the coast, but high clouds should break. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. temperatures mostly in the 60s and 70s around the bay, hot spots, upper 770s, low 80s, i'll have the specifics for your sunday forecast and the five-day forecast coming up. we'll see you after the break. >> >> the program that helps students prepare for college
10:22 pm
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anger after a student's senior picture was excluded from a school year book in san francisco. it started when jessica chose to wear a tuxedo for her graduation picture. her photo was not allowed in the year book because the rules say that girls cannot wear ties. >> >> this is a turbulent moment in her life and all of our lives.
10:25 pm
it could be a potent change not only us but also for the archdiocese of san francisco. >> the school's principal said he plans to meet with jessica's family to discuss the possibility of including her picture in the graduation ceremony. >> >> event celebrating graduation from the college track program, it helps low-income students get to college by provides tutors, mentors and other supports. tonight, talking with one girl who stole the spotlight and people's hearts. >> reporter: one of those students who never had the cards stacked in her favor. >> it's difficult growing up without a father. it's really difficult, especially in oakland where there is so much going on and it's easy to get off the tracks. >> reporter: her mother was
10:26 pm
pregnant when her father was killed by a bullet intended for someone else. she was born four months later. >> he is watching me right now and i know he is proud. >> reporter: the family watched her and 146 other students graduate from the program. hip-hop star, russell simmons was the key note speaker. >> you can never, ever fail until you quit. >> reporter: she talked about losing her father and two friends to violence, then, she shared someone else. >> my mother wanted me to have a male role model in my life -- she sent me to a friend. that night, he molested me. i began to act out and became
10:27 pm
rebellious. >> reporter: she talked about how she turned her pain into power. >> i know what it feels like to be silent and now i know what it feels like to speech. >> reporter: her speech got a standing ovation. she will be going to college in north carolina on a full scholarship. ceo of electronic arts provided the scholarship. he said these students prove that success is in everyone's reach. >> >> a san francisco investment firm is buying the red lobster restaurant chain for more than $2 million. the all cash deal is for 700 red lobster restaurants across the country. they also own eddie bauer and
10:28 pm
payless. red lobster has been losing money despite trying to keep their image. >> >> mounting parking tickets adding up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. the reason why so many people are getting ticketed in this bay area parking lot.
10:29 pm
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>> reporter: what you all see in the surveillance video is a
10:31 pm
brutal attack on an employee simply doing his job here in north beach. the crime unfolded here on the corner of broadway and columbus. surveillance picture shows two men walking in. one of them walks toward the back. on the way out, words exchanged with the workers one guy blind sided the worker, knocking him out. >> the attack was so vicious, they don't have a chance to defend himself. >> >> reporter: his friends join in the scuffle, one goes over- the-counter and takes a tip jar on his way out. working that night in february, this man remembers saying that the rest room was only for customers and a few moments later, he was dodging swings. >> he threatened me.
10:32 pm
after that, everybody came in. >> reporter: police tell us they spent more than two months tracking down the man that threw that sucker punch. early this morning, they arrested ethan after a traffic stomp. investigators say he, who is trained in martial arts, admitted to the crime. >> he has the propensity of violence. this is not normal behavior. >> reporter: alma has been booked for assault and battery, the victim needed four stitches and suffered headaches, back pain and neck pain for weeks and he was shaken by the ordeal. >> >> it was with heavy hearts that friends and family gathered in san francisco to remember a three-year-old boy and his mom who were killed in a fire one month ago.
10:33 pm
& & & & >> loved ones held pictures, sang songs and prayed for the two. it happened at the sunnyveil housing projects. the fire department said smoke detectors did not go off. an investigation is underway to determine what went off. the victim's family has hired an attorney to investigate as well. >> >> the police department warning about a training exercise. officers scheduled to hold a training session at walnut creek intermediate school. people in the area are being advised they may hear similar lated gunfire, screaming or other noises. the exercise expected to conclude by 5:00 p.m. >> >> california's job picture shows signs of improvement. state's jobless rate in april fell to 7.8%.
10:34 pm
employers added more than 56,000 jobs last month. the national rate lower at 6.3%. >> >> in the bay area, unemployment rates went down with one exception. santa claira saw it's jobless rate go up in march. marin county has the lowest at 3.9%. >> >> california's finances are looking better, tonight than earlier this week. the independent budget analyst estimates the state will collect $2.2 billion more than what the governor predicted two days ago. that money is from tax revenues for the 2014, 2015 fiscal year. >> >> parking fees turned into a wind fall for the golden gate bridge district. the fees started in february. the problem is alot of people are not paying.
10:35 pm
the tickets they are getting are bringing in a lot more cash. >> one at a time. >> reporter: onboard they go, this is the ferry -- before commuters set sail, they need to pay -- is there we >> we are learning about a fee for parking. >> there is no parking -- >> reporter: every day, $2 gets you one spot. it began in february, but it's only now that officials are rolling down the aisles looking for violators, when they find one, a $45 ticket awaits. district general manager said it has never been about the parking it's the revenue from the parking fees, getting more than expected. >> in the first three months, we raised $150,000. >> reporter: putting the district on put -- budgeted
10:36 pm
goal, $400 thousand. they are getting about $600 thousand. >> >> 42 ferries on the bay every week day and this pay, cording to some commuters is a win. >> if the revenue is good, going for a good purpose. i would not be against it. >> reporter: we asked how many tickets were issued, but the district was not able to get that figure for us as of yet. >> >> all eyes will be on california krom tomorrow as he takes to the track in baltimore for the second leg of the triple counsel. a family from the bay area has extra reason to be excited. we caught up with trainer, steve sherman in berkeley before he left to join his family for the preakness. the head trainer for california chrome and his brother, allen, the assistant trainer. the shermans have been fixtures at bay area race tracks for
10:37 pm
more than 60 years and now, they say, living a dream. >> we have had a really good run, but this kind of puts us over the edge. >> kind of in a league of its own >> that's right. >> california chrome is the favorite. if he pulls off another victory, it's onto belmont stakes, to win the ill lewissive triple crown, something hamas not been done in 30 years. >> >> a dog, scared kids and a bus driver's quick intervention. why he do not agree with people who call his actions heroic. >>able specific weather changes heading to your neighborhood this weekend. >> >> stolen momentos of a long lasting love. >> how this grandmother was robbed of precious wedding
10:38 pm
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south bay family is hoping that someone will come forward and return the rings for a 91-
10:41 pm
year-old woman. her son was holding her rings during her hospital stay when his s.u.v. was broken into. she has been wearing them since her wedding day 1940. the rings designed by her father, who was a jeweler and a reminder of her husband, thomas, who passed away. >> they were more than just wedding rings. they were a gift of love. my family know how much my husband and i loved each other and how much they meant to me. >> one thing the thief did not get away with, her husband's wedding ring, which she wears around her neck. she refused to take that ring off at the hospital. >> >> two weeks before the primary, bay area election officials are worried about a shortage. they need more than 1,000 people to serve as election officers. there is a special need for
10:42 pm
people with a second language skill. it's more challenging to find people to sign up for follow untearing during vacation time. >> >> lawmakers vote on budget items and state measures. the bill was introduced after state senators were arrested this past year on bribery and corruption charges. >> >> barbara walters said, "good- bye" after a 50 year groundbreaking career in television. it was quite a sendoff. hillary clinton among the long line of women there to pay their respects. walters was the first woman to coair chore a network newscast. while that didn't go so well, the rest of her career was a success. the 84-year-old is promising to come back from time to time.
10:43 pm
>> >> being hailed as a hero. >> it's not heroic. it's somebody caring about somebody. that's all. >> >> an emotional response from a bus driver who put himself in tang tore danger to stop a pitbull attack. >> >> how a group of marine biologists greet a hump back whale that had been in a tank for weeks.
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the car with an estimated 45 miles per gallon highway. the car with almost 900 miles between fill-ups. the car road & track called america's most fuel efficient new car, isn't a prius. surprised? state of the art clean diesel technology. a fuel-efficient eco start/stop system. engineered to virtually sip fuel. the mercedes-benz e250 bluetec. defying expectations. again. a bus driver getting high praise for putting himself in the line of danger. stopped a potentially dangerous pitbull attack. the driver now said he was simply doing what he needed to do. >> the dog was just -- kept
10:46 pm
barking and i did like this. >> >> reporter: what he says he saw from his transit authority bus was scary >> it was a bad situation. it was a dangerous situation, but, somebody had to be there for the kid. >> reporter: from this surveillance video, you can see the pitbull on the right of the screen charging back and forth. willis said it was barking first at one teenager and then another. he head he had one thought >> i had to man up and make sure the kids would be okay. >> reporter: he got out of of husband bus. that's him on the left. >> i don't know how i didn't die or get bit. >> reporter: the dog didn't attack him. was no longer paying attention to the teens. hearing the commotion, library clerks ran to the door, telling them to come in. >> you could see on their faces they were scared.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: willis said the dog ran off, police arrived and he returned to his bus route. animal services investigating. the owner said they have two pitbulls, saying that's the second time in two months colt has charged at someone. officials are working on whether colt needs to wear a muzzle. as for craig willis, people can't say enough about him. >> what he did, it was great. he is a hero. >> what i did was what i hoped any person would do for my kids. it's not heroic. it's somebody caring about somebody. that's all. >> willis has only been driving a bus for three months. transit officials say they are very, very proud of him. rob ross, ktvu channel 2 news >> a hump whale that spent weeks tangled up in steel ropes
10:48 pm
is free thanks to a group of marine biologists. officials say the whale was freed off the coast of santa barbara, first spotted last month, dragging heavy fishing gear that prevented the whale from diving. weather hampering efforts to free it when it was further spotted. but satellite helped crews find and free the animal. >> >> a cool down in your neighborhood, tonight, tomorrow and through the bay area weekend. right now, sunday will be the coolest day of the weekend. hard to see, right now, but it will drop south. as it does, it brings cooler air to the onshore flow. we are seeing clouds out there. most of them partly cloudy. mostly cloudy up around vallejo. we have fog around the coast. it's not going to show up in
10:49 pm
the satellite, but we have alot of fog around the great eye way, it's really dense all the way to 19th avenue. fog, clouds around and clouds will break off. i told you that earlier. currently in san jose, 62 degrees. san francisco, 59 here's the low pressure center i'm tracking. it drops our temperatures. sunday, it gets really cold. in the winter, this would be rain, but this time of the year, the lows serve to enhance the marine layer, increase the onshore flow and cool us down. 80 in clear lake. these temperatures a far cry from what we saw two or three days ago when we had record heat. upper 80s and 90s.
10:50 pm
tomorrow's forecast highs in the low 80s, warmer spots on sunday, the warmer spots will be in the upper 70s to mid-80s. there will be a good stiff bridge through the golden gate bridge. very spring-like. temperatures a little cooler. still a nice weekend. if you have baseball plans outside or bar bq plans outside, you will need jackets because there will be a chill in the air. this is president obama sliding across the counter at shake shack to pose for a picture with employees.
10:51 pm
vice president joe biden came along. >> >> tens of thousands of runners get ready for the beta breakers. registered runners picked up their packets for sunday morning's race. packets include racing numbers and and official t shirt. the 12k race will take across -- and continues -- golden gate park and finally winds up by the breakers and if you still want to do this, registration is still open. >> >> we have been a little spoiled by san francisco so far this year. exactly the kind of game we have grown accustomed to, but the script is flipped on them. tonight, marlins at at & t marlins never able to take the lead. rbi single, pitch in the 6th,
10:52 pm
big michael morris around. we have a 5-5 game. angel keeps it tied. check this out deep centerfield, covering a lot of ground out there. that is sensational. we have 5-5 going to the top of the ninth. 7-5 is the final. josh, grand slam. six rbi's total. the same inning continues. when is the last time you saw a
10:53 pm
grand slam and a three-run? donaldson, the blast to left. he has 10 homers already. cruising six innings for his fifth win. a's clobbered cleveland, 11-1 to get their road trip started. >> >> they sent the sharks packing for the summer. game seven encounter, california rivals. the raiders unveiled their prize rookie corvette. next. female narrator: it's posturepedic versus beautyrest
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number two draft pick -- fresno, a good omen for derrick carr, woe grew up as a raider fan taking the practice for the first time at rookie camp, today, 50 touchdown passes for carr in his senior year at fresno. >> when it comes to the football i was excited to get back and play football. instead of getting in your
10:57 pm
underwear and running the 40. the veteran guys, they have been great. i couldn't have asked for a better situation. >> a bit of a swagger, might be what the raiders knee. >> >> so cal showdown turns into a disappointment, if you are neutral and want to see a good hockey game. l.a. out quick. -- sharks, goal and assist, and the series, 6-2, final, now they take on the stanley cup champs from chicago. should be a good one. >> >> he has the game taped. >> he doesn't want to see it, so he's like this. >> >> thank you for joining us on
10:58 pm
ktvu channel "2 news." our next news 7:00 am. >> >> good night. .
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manny: morning, all. good morning, papí. hump day. am i right, jay? your day ends at 2:30. can't come fast enough. quitting time. am i right, jay? let's not make this a thing. whoa, whoa, whoa. where's my soft-boiled egg? i scrambled it. it's good for you to try new things. i don't want to try new things. you can't just spring this on me. i have bad news, manny. this is not the biggest curve ball that life is going to throw you. don't close yourself off from new things. i ever tell you the story about me and crab cakes? thought i didn't like them, tried them, love them. wow. are the movie rights available for that one?


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